by Mohini Chatlani and Rajesh David

SPIRITUS Audio CD 2020

After its conception in 2014‚ Spiritus‚ has now come to its natural fruition. An eclectic‚ eastern and western music collaboration and fusion between Mohini and Rajesh. Available as a digital download or hard copy CD from the On-Line Shop. Only £10 plus delivery

Spiritus - Track Listing

Hari Krishna‚ Om Namah Shivaya‚ Gayatri and Shanti Mantras‚ Om Lokha‚ Om Mani Peme Hung

Spiritus - The Artists

Rajesh David   Mohini Chatlani 

Both yogi and yogini‚ musicians‚ singers and teachers.  

Sacred Love audio CD 2012

An album of original modern‚ spiritual songs‚inspired by the Sacred Marriage of the Divine Inner and Outer Feminine  and Masculine. 

  • SPIRITUS Audio CD 2020
  • Spiritus - Track Listing
  • Spiritus - The Artists
  • Sacred Love audio CD 2012